Frequently asked questions about pest control in Taree

Pest control team — Pest Control in Taree, NSW
Here are answers to some of the questions Leo is asked regularly about the services he provides, to assist with any queries you might have. We're also happy for you to contact us by phone or email if there are any further queries you have regarding our pest services.



(Q) If I have pest control services to eradicate rats or mice, will these die in my roof?
(A) We find that it's very rare for mice or rats to die in your roof after being baited, instead most will escape to look for water. Our rodent management solutions also offer a ver low secondary toxicity, we tailer each plan to suit your home, your children and your pets!
(Q) Can you get rid of birds and remove nests?
(Q) Are your pest control methods safe for pets and children?
(Q) Will I have to leave the house after my pest control treatment?
(Q) How long does a termite inspection usually take?